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The traditional arts and crafts are one of many treasures of the legendary old city of Damascus. Kathrin Boldt, trained in Architecture,  discovered her passion for the outstanding and century old Damascene art of intarsia when she lived in Damascus. Meeting local craftsmen, she gained knowledge about their various techniques and styles of inlaying wood. It inspired her to create and present unique interiors and furniture.

Kathrin Boldt designs interior objects with either a focus on traditional inlaid elements or contemporary pieces incorporating intarsia. Traditional objects based on the ideas of local craftsmen are also available.  

The aim of CASSIDAH is to promote this beautiful art of intarsia while supporting the local craftsmen and helping to preserve this unique craftsmenship.


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Damascene Crafts: Mother of Pearl Inlay


The Damascene intarsia has retained its unmistakable appearance since centuries. It is to be technically among the best examples its kind. There are two predominant kind of intarsia: Either mother of pearl is inlayed or wood. Find below a few impressions on mother of pearl inlay.

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